Monday, November 16, 2020


The next Field Guide from Modern Daily Knitting has arrived.

Early reviews from knitters who have already started these projects? “Lifesaving.” “Euphoria inducing.” “Wildly addicting.” “I thought intarsia was hard. It is not hard.” “So easy! Makes me look so brilliant.” “Great for Zoom call knitting.”

Last fall, knitters got lost in the beautiful world of Field Guide No. 13: Master Class. It has been one of our most beloved Field Guides—an exploration of stripes, as interpreted by the brilliant colorist and artist Kaffe Fassett.

For every knitter who loves playing with color, Kaffe’s designs are extraordinarily fun.

Now, we introduce a whole new world for knitters used to working only stranded colorwork.

Simple intarsia.

These rhythmic, geometric designs are the perfect starting place for knitters who are new to the technique. We include lots of tips and tricks for knitting intarsia, as well as complete charts and clear instructions.

Based on early reviews, we believe that knitters are going to love diving into Kaffe’s world.

Modern Daily Knitting Field Guides are little books that explore the big world of knitting, with patterns and stories to inspire the curious knitter.

We collect knitting books the way some people collect art books. For many years, we’d look longingly at an extraordinary pullover by some genius like, you know, Kaffe Fassett, and we’d act like we’d just seen an exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

Dazzling. Awe inspiring. Giant florals. A kilim interpreted as a cardigan. Geometric patterns that change color twenty times. We studied and loved these designs—knew them by name—and admired them for their intricacy and astonishing color. The technique? Intarsia. Paintings wrought in wool. 

When Kaffe Fassett suggested that we explore intarsia for an MDK Field Guide, the only possible response was “Yes! Of course.” It was time to swim in the deep end, to go toward the projects where the color possibilities are nearly endless.

The patterns are knit in Rowan Felted Tweed.

You might be intimidated with Intarsia. The technique isn’t hard. Take a look at this tutorial from Tin Can Knits. Cast on 20 stitches and try it.

I am a huge Kaffe fan and knit one of his coat patterns that was all intarsia. Once you get going it is easy.

Jane is the queen of Kaffe Fassett intarsia. Here are a few items that she has knit for me.

Are you looking for pompoms? We are restocked on Racoon poms and just received as shipment of acrylic poms. If you want to make your own pompoms we have Clover pompom makers online as well.

I stayed up way too late last night and made it to the heal. It is an afterthought heel. Here is Andrea's video - you can see how easy it is.

I had grand plans for this afternoon but... I made it through part of them and now it's time for a rest before dinner. Tomorrow I will show pictures of my sock when I am part way through the foot.

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Jane said...

Thanks for putting in the video of the afterthought heel! And all the other goodies you put on your blog for us!