Saturday, November 07, 2020

New colours with their partner

I was going through my pictures and these jumped out at me. Sarah in her Love Note. It is a beautiful sweater. After Skylights and Spark and ..... I will get mine out and finish it. 😘

You can purchase the pattern from TinCanKnits.

This sweet little sweater knits up quickly from the top down. The combination of mohair lace and single-ply merino creates a fabric that is floaty, soft and sensual. With a high-low hemline and two length options, what’s not to love?
Here are the new colours of Le Petit Silk & Mohair with their partner. Any of these would make a great Love Note.
  • Light Pink
  • Blue Grey
  • Grey Beige
  • Soft Orange Brown

Laura Aylor has a new pattern out knit in DK weight yarn.

A simple, body-skimming pullover knit seamlessly from the top down with yoke and then raglan increases. Knitted-on garter borders give texture and interest. Wear with 2-5” of ease. (Sample knit in gold-speckled yarn is an M2 worn with 5 inches of ease. Sample knit in blue-green yarn is an XS worn with 2 inches of ease.)

You can purchase the pattern for Sun Dogs on Ravelry.

Photos © Laura Aylor.

The back slits are really cute.

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