Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Hump Day

This week’s deal is for Rockshelter Sock. Cathy and I knit Free your Fade with 3 skeins - 1 each of 3 different colours. 

The yarn is one of the nicest that I have knit with. Super soft and drapes beautifully. It is called Sock but there is no nylon. If you are making socks with this yarn then you will want to add something to the heels or toes or make them for special occasion socks. 

You can purchase the pattern for Free Your Fade on Andrea Mowry’s website. From Andrea

This shawl was created to be your favorite shawl pattern! Really relaxing garter stitch with engaging eyelet rows and endless color possibilities. It would be gorgeous knit up in one color, but you can just as easily use 20! I’ve extended the color melt sections for an even more cohesive fade, with easy instructions to add as many fade sections as you would like! The shawl is light weight and perfect year round when knit up in fingering weight yarn, but don’t let that stop you from knitting it up in any yarn weight you prefer to the size of your choosing!

Cathy used Sage, Claude Monet and Pisgah National Forest

I used Old Lace, Gifting and Opium Den

Here are a few colour suggestions.
Slate Green, Some Dark Holler, Pisgash National Forest
Old Lace, Gifting, Opium Den - my combination but the middle colour is less rust - I love the new combination
Foliose Lichen, Limpopo River,  Slate Green
Dead Pharaohs, Wild Mushroom, Scrubgrass

My Find Your Fade in Rockshelter Sock. You can purchase the pattern on Andrea’s website
From Andrea
Starting at a single point and growing, shifting and fading into a piece that begs to be wrapped up in. is asymmetrical triangle shawl uses some clever increasing and decreasing, combined with relaxing garter stitch and simple lace so that you have a fun-to-knit canvas to play with mixing colors on! is shawl is all about making it your own. Let your creativity shine!!

These sets are for Find Your Fade.

This is the combination that I used to make my shawl.

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Rockshelter Sock is on sale for $30 a skein from now until Friday November 13th at noon. You can order online for curbside pick up or mail order.

Rockshelter Find Your Fade kits are on sale for $210 from now until Friday November 13th at noon.

All sales final. No returns.


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Is the first picture a different shawl than Find Your Fade?

Julie said...

The first two shawls are Free Your Fade. These use 3 skeins of yarn.