Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Coming Soon

Happy Hump Day. We didn’t put anything on special today because we are working on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. We’ll have more information on this in tomorrow’s post. Also, watch your inbox because a newsletter is going out tomorrow. I have been saying for two weeks that I need to finish the newsletter - tonight is the night.

I think we might have some Lykke Interchangeable Needles in time for Christmas. An email came from the supplier today that they were in stock and I placed an order right away. 

Ms. UPS should be delivering a box from Hedgehog tomorrow morning. I hope Lynn gets some sleep tonight. She is more excited than I am to open to new boxes.

Our Maker’s Bags from Della Q will not be arriving until January - there was a problem with the ship. You’ve heard me say that I’m not a patient person. I want mine now but it will be a happy surprise when they arrive in January. Here are some photos of the bags.

Cocoknits tape measures are making their way to us. We should see them next week.

I think the newsletter is done. I will reread it in the morning, Beth will read it over and then it will be on its way. I need to step away from the computer for tonight. I will be writing in my sleep if I don’t.

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