Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Colour Dominance

Mary came to pick up yarn last week and she was wearing a beautiful sweater. It fits her perfectly and the colour is amazing.

The pattern is called Wharfedale by Sarah Hatton and you can purchase it on Ravelry. Mary used Arranmore Light

Enjoy your winter walks in style with this beautiful cabled jumper. It’s a long, roll-neck design with dolman-style sleeve caps; the long sleeves are picked up and knitted downwards. The central panel features an elegant interpretation of the OXO cable pattern. 
The garment has been knitted in Arranmore Light from The Fibre Co. This is a DK-weight yarn with a touch of cashmere and silk, which has a fantastic softness and drape. It comes in 18 beautiful, tweedy shades. 
Written instructions, no chart.

Lynn brought her sock in today and she got a lot of knitting done. Unfortunately she has to restart her sock. Her contrast colour (the multi coloured ball of Crazy) is receding into the work. It doesn’t show up very well. When she got to this part of the sock she realized that she should have been carrying her colours differently. The purple should be carried across the top and the Crazy should be carried underneath. This will make the Crazy stand out better and is called Colour Dominance.

I found this great video showing Colour Dominance.

My suggestion was to cut the yarn and start fresh. Then Lynn didn’t have to spend time ripping back. She should have more rows done for tomorrow’s post. 

Here is my sock and you can see how the Crazy (green) stands out in front of the blue main colour.
Cocoknits just released new tape measures and my order has been placed. We won’t see these for a few weeks but I wanted you to know about them. What a great stocking stuffer.

After years of requests, we have finally made our own version of a tape measure - in Sea Glass, Mustard Seed, and Wild Rose (aqua, yellow, and pink). The bright colors will ensure you can always find it in your project bag. The metal tape inside measures both inches and cm/mm (78 in / 2 m long), and has a metal tab on the end to keep it from retracting into the body of the tape measure.

Because Cocoknits is committed to avoiding plastic wherever possible, we manufactured it from PLA, a 100% biodegradable plant fiber (similar to the Needle Gauge, but not water soluble). The absence of a locking mechanism keeps them 100% plastic-free and reduces the likelihood of breakage.

Each tape measure is packaged in a reusable linen drawstring bag to minimize packaging waste

I wanted to write more but it’s 10pm and I need to shut the computer down and relax for a few minutes before bed. My mind is always going 100mph and I need to slow it down or I won’t sleep tonight.


Cneef said...

Love the cats in knitted sweaters. May I ask where you got it? Or made it?

Julie said...

We have the bags for sale. They are from Zigzag Stitches. If you go to the homepage of the website you will see them in the featured items section. Just click and it will take you to the page.