Tuesday, May 08, 2018


The first section of Fading Point is done.
Fading Point is constructed from both ends towards the centre, and then both pieces are connected with triangles to achieve a seamless rectangle.  
The pattern is completely different than its predecessor: It has sections where you blend 2 colors together and then sections with lace. The instructions are WRITTEN AND CHARTED.
My other Fading Point will go from dark to light in shades of purple (like Joji's) so I wanted this one to be out of the ordinary.
Any color combination will work, however this design works especially well if you use a progression of colors (gradient or fade). I started my wrap using the darkest color of the set, so that is called color 1. However, you can try your own version starting with the lightest, or using completely different contrasting colors!

Mr. FedEx came today with the box of Kureyon.

A ball of each has come home with me for my Log Cabin Afghan.

Kate Atherley wrote a great article for Mason-Dixon Knitting about buttonholes. You can read it here.

This is a technique that scares many knitters but it is easier than you think.
I'm watching the Jays (it's not going well) and starting on the second half of Fading Point. My goal is to have it ready to take to TNNA in June. I just realized that I haven't booked my hotel room yet. I better get that done or I'll be sleeping in my car.

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