Friday, June 16, 2017


We have something new coming from Trendsetter Yarns. The box is in the postal system and I hope to see the yarn next week.


52% cotton
48% acrylic
805m (880 yards)
This multi stranded yarn is created with five different colors that transition 12 times staying away from solid shades. Each cake style skein is conveniently packaged in a  zippered vinyl bag with a grommet opening.
The ball will sell for $52.50 and one ball will make a big shawl. There are 6 colours in the shipment.

There are two free shawl patterns for the yarn. One is knit on a 4.5mm needle and the other on a 4mm.
Ribbed Triangle Shawl
Garter Sail Shawl

Someone came for a sleepover last night. Lucy slept with Beth and I had the boys. Unfortunately the boys decided at 5:30 that it was time to get up. I'm almost ready for bed. Almost. I need to knit a few rows. I'm at the colour change on my Free Your Fade.

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