Friday, June 02, 2017


Of course I cast on last night.
You had to know I was going to knit with the new yarn. I can't sell yarn in the store if it isn't good :)

The skein was easy to wind. No twists - my ball winder liked it. The yarn is soft and I love how the colours are working up.
The Lykke needles arrived late this afternoon and I switched over to them. They are very nice to knit with. The join is great - the yarn slides over with no catching. I would highly recommend them.
I like the colour variation in the needles.

Lynda is working on So Faded and sent a picture of her progress.

It looks awesome so far. I can't wait until she gets to the next colour.

I should have done this weeks ago. The mustang went to Suds this morning for a bath and interior cleaning. It is so much better. It drives faster too :)

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Candice said...

Love that colour combo . . ahem!