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Friday, December 02, 2016


Thank you Donna. She let me know that Frabjous Fibers just introduced a new So Fond of Rainbows kit. They are on order and I think we will see them in January. I'll blog about them when they arrive.
It's the rainbowload of Mini Skeins, oh yes. Four of our popular Mini Skein Packs are combined into one enormous, beautiful rainbow for a full-spectrum knitting experience! Twenty 1-oz Mini Skeins: combine them all for a large project, or spread them out over several smaller projects. The possibilities are truly endless!
Cheshire Cat fingering: 128 yards per 1 oz. skein, 2560 yards total
We had fun at One of a Kind last night. This is the Rock Bottom Vessel from Studio 50.
The functionality of science glass with the industrial ruggedness of concrete. The 1000ml boiling flasks is constructed of scientific grade-glass that can withstand both extreme hot and extreme cold liquids. The concrete base both cradles and supports the glass flask, and can serve as a warming or cooling plate. Perfect for serving soups, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, ice cold water, lemonade, or fun entertaining cocktails. The flask holds an entire bottle of wine and acts as a fabulous decanter!
They are so cool. You put the concrete base in the freezer for 4 hours. Then fill the flask with white wine. It will keep the wine cold for 3 hours. You can do the reverse and put the concrete in the oven for 20 minutes. Great for gravy, soup, tea or coffee. And it looks really good on my counter. 

There were a few other things but they are Christmas gifts so I can't show right now.

Our friend Nancy gifted Lucy some bandanas. Mom took a picture but Lucy decided to move. I asked for another picture but Lucy didn't want to pose. Dad decided that a cookie would do the trick.
Hurry up dad. I need my cookie!!!

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