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Monday, December 19, 2016


I made it to the third colour tonight.
Yes, I'm a bit obsessed. You need to pay a bit of attention in the lace sections but then you get a chunk of garter stitch. Perfect for watching TV.

I was talking with the good folks at Hedgehog Fibres today and our next order is being dyed right now. There will be 4 potluck colours in the shipment. 2 in Sock and 2 in Skinny Singles.
'Potluck' colourways are one of a kind dyelots that will not be repeated. Their style is the dyers choice, and can be fun and experimental!
I can't wait to see them. I have a feeling that a few might make it into another Find Your Fade.
The designs from Rowan Magazine 61 look amazing. Hithe reminds me of sweaters we saw from Kim Hargreaves and Annabel Fox in the early days of Rowan. I think I'm going to need this sweater.

Just a reminder of our hours for the next few weeks

Holiday Hours
Friday December 23 10-7
Saturday December 24 10-2
Sunday December 25 Closed
Monday December 26 Closed
Tuesday December 27 10-5:30
Wednesday December 28 10-5:30
Thursday December 29 10-5:30
Friday December 30 12-7
Saturday December 31 10-1
Sunday January 1 Closed
Monday January 2 10-5:30

It's that time. Tea. Knitting. Property Brothers.

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