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Monday, December 12, 2016

poms and dots

Beth decided she needed a fast project. The Big Hat (pattern free on Ravelry) fits the bill. She knit it on Friday night. One skein of tosh ASAP and 10mm needles.

We added a 13cm faux fur pom pom. It is so cute!

Her next project is a bit more work but she's enjoying the cables.
Pattern: Valanar (purchased on Ravelry)
The pattern is 50% off till Dec 15th, 2016. No code is necessary, the price will be adjusted automatically at the checkout.
Happy Holidays! 
Yarn: 1 skein of tosh vintage in the colour Electric Rainbow

There are super pretty stitch markers on the way to us from jennyanydots. They should be in the store on Wednesday morning.
jennyanydots stitch markers come as a set of 10 snag and dangle-free markers - 9 matching markers and 1 contrasting marker (for marking the start of rounds, for example).
We will be receiving
-small dots (up to 4mm) $6
-medium dots (up to 6mm) $6
-large dots (up to 10mm) $6
-triangle dots (up to 4.5mm) $8
-locking dots $9

There will be an assortment of colours and I don't know what they will be until we open the box. I just asked for pretty :)

Now it's time for some Christmas baking.

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