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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Changing my Mind

Now that I'm into the fourth colour of Find Your Fade I think I need to change my last three colours.
Originally I was going to end with the pink, pink/rust then rust but the fourth colour is knitting up more turquoise than I thought it would.
I'm going to end with turquoise/teal tones. I think.

The next shipment from Hedgehog should be arriving soon. It's left Heathrow and we're waiting for it to clear customs. One or two of the potluck colours might work in my shawl. If one of them doesn't work then Glacier could be the next colour. Or I could go in a totally different direction.

I have a few other projects at home so I can let this one sit for a week :)

And in very happy news. We won our Fantasy Football. It's the first time in all our years of playing.

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