Tuesday, January 06, 2015


After I finished my post last night I started to pack. I'm making a list and checking it twice. Boy do I have a lot of clothes packed. Two days of golf. Four days of trade show. Two days of flying. Fashion show on Friday evening. My biggest problem - what shoes do I take? I really need about 6 pairs for the clothes I'm taking but I'm trying to cut that number down. But I don't really want to :)

I started a new project this afternoon - my plane knitting. And it's a cardigan. One of the four garments that I have to knit this year.
Another CustomFit pattern. The yarn - tosh vintage double strand on 8mm needles. This was a bit of a cheater. I have already knit a sweater in vintage double strand. Therefore I have already swatched with vintage double strand. I didn't have to swatch before starting my cardigan. Cast on and go!

We fly very early in the morning so I need to sign off now to finish packing, clean the house and get some sleep. I hope to post tomorrow night from Phoenix but it could be Thursday.

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