Friday, January 02, 2015

New Year's Resolution

Following Seas Cabled Scarf by Churchmouse Yarns
The expression “fair winds and following seas” got us thinking a little differently about cables. Our simple 9-stitch braid cable goes with the flow, working twists on alternating sides for complete reversibility.  
The scarf features wide columns of stockinette and reverse stockinette, which gain a softly braided texture by alternating the direction of the cable twist. Keeping the design simple and symmetrical means that the rows are easy to follow, whether you're reading the text or following the chart.
The scarf is knit in 2-3 balls of Rowan Felted Tweed. We have many, many colours in stock. It is $12.50 a ball - under $40 for a great scarf. You can start on gifts for next year.

The pattern is free from Churchmouse Yarns. Add the PDF to your basket and then check out.
Lynn and I did some rearranging today. We have many, many cowls in the store so I made a small display at the door. Over the next few days I need to find wall space to hang more.

Yes, it's the 'I'm going away so I want the store in perfect shape for Cathy' time. It happens before every trip. Are there signs on every garment? Does Cathy know how much yarn each sample takes? Does Cathy know what madelinetosh is in storage? Can Cathy find......? Are all the patterns printed out for the Dream Club? We are short on a some yarn and needles that were sold over the holidays so orders have been placed. I think we're ready.

We need to show off some new samples as well. Now you'll see them as you walk in the front door.

Here is my New Year's Resolution - if I write it down then I must follow it

-every month I will finish one project that has been started and put away
-I will knit 4 sweaters for myself during the year

Why/how did I come up with this? There are many projects almost finished in my house. This will get them done. The new sweaters is to motivate me to knit something bigger than a cowl. :) I'm in a sweater every day in the store so new sweaters are a must.

Now I need to pick up my needles. There is a resolution that has to be kept!

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