Friday, January 23, 2015

National Sweater Day

From the WWF website...
Since 2010, over a million Canadians have participated in National Sweater Day. Be sure to follow our blog for tips and stories as fellow knit-clad Canadians celebrate across the country.  
National Sweater Day is a fun way to learn about the importance of saving energy, and inspired you to use less heat all winter. Heating accounts for 80% of residential energy use in Canada, and is a significant source of emissions. If all Canadians lowered their thermostats by just 2 degrees Celsius this winter, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 4 megatons – equivalent to shutting down a 600 mega watt coal-fired power station.
This morning Beth and I went through the new house.

 The tile in my shower is finished.
The floor is down. They just finished it and were trying to wash it when we came in. Hence the footprints in the next picture.

 Going up the stairs.

What happens when you forget to bring knitting to work?
I cast on another CustomFit cardigan. Bella Lino from Classic Elite held double. This is the same cardigan that I wore at TNNA and I love it.


Lois Evensen said...

The house is lovely.

And, regarding sweater weather, it's always sweater weather here. :)

Anne, Life LackaDaisiCal said...

Looking good! (The house and the sweater) :)