Thursday, January 30, 2014

What's in the Boxes???

A parcel came this morning from madelinetosh. Here are the new colours for spring. It makes a big difference to see them in person. They're much better than the pictures online.
From left to right
Red Phoenix
Farmhouse White
Purple Basil
Cape Town Rainbow
Hosta Blue
Black Walnut
Log Cabin Brown
Sun Rose

An email came in late this afternoon with this picture.
Who's it from? I can't tell you. What's in the boxes. Yarn. The yarn that we are going to have in our booth at The Knitter's Frolic. It's still top secret but when I can share I will.

You wouldn't think talking on the phone would be tiring but I had a conference call this afternoon that lasted an hour and a half. I was exhausted. Maybe it was the call or maybe it was the task that I volunteered to do for TNNA in May. I've been pitching this idea for a few years and today it was agreed upon. Beth and I are going to be working on it together and it should make for fun at the show.

It's 10pm and I haven't relaxed much today. Mr. Tax Man has been paid. That wasn't fun but it's the law so I did it. A newsletter was finished and should be going out in the morning. Now I'm going to close up the computers (yes, there are two going at the same time) and put my feet up to watch Top Chef from last night. I need to get back to my Custom Fit cardigan. The first front is almost done. I would like to have it finished before the Olympics. Cough. Choke. Not a chance but a person has to be able to dream.

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