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Monday, January 13, 2014

TNNA Day Two

My credit card was very active today.

Bonnie Bishoff has new shawl pins. As many of you know, I love shawl pins. All 8 have been ordered and should be in the store sometime in February.

The Colinette booth is always inspiring. There is so much colour and texture. More Arizona Dream and Ab Fab kits should be in the store next week.

Laura Bryant of Prism Yarns wearing her latest design. The jacket is amazing! Delicato (a lace weight yarn) double stranded.

Another design from Laura Bryant in hand dyed Linen. I ordered this kit for myself. Love it! And I can wear it with all my shoes.

There is still more to talk about but it's 11pm here and I have a 7:30 am meeting. I need to sign off and get to sleep.

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