Friday, January 10, 2014

The Zoo

We had an awesome time at the zoo today.

The first stop was the polar bears. If they were sleeping then we would leave and come back later. They were sleeping at first but then started to play.

Then the pandas. Mom in the top picture and baby (17months) in the bottom picture.

We did see a few more animals before heading back to the polar bears.

The zookeeper banged on the gate and the male bear came running. Okay, he kind of waddled over. A young zookeeper was putting grapes, sweet potatoes and carrots to the gate and the bear was taking them from her hand.

Then she fed him frozen crickets using a spoon. Not a huge spoon. The size that you or I would eat from.

Thank you San Diego zoo for another great day.

We're resting in the room for a bit (there was a lot of walking today) and then off to see the Fashion Show. I can't wait until tomorrow morning when I get to see what's new on the show floor.

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