Monday, January 06, 2014


Beth finished the knitting on her monster and I have been helping her put it together. The best thing about sewing it together is that you don't have to be neat. The yarn is fluffy and covers up the stitches. We've been whip stitching it.

He is huge. The eyebrows were my idea. Beth went and bought felt this morning so that we can make it (I would guess by the colour it is a she) a mouth or tongue.

Here's a bit of happiness. More spring Rowan. The nice weather will be arriving. Not soon but we know that in a few months it will get better out. This magazine and the yarn should be here by the end of January.

Pure Linen
100% linen
130m on a 50 gram skein
17 stitches = 4" on 4.5mm needles
8 colours are available. Very earthy tones. What you think of when someone mentions linen.

I will get pictures of these garments when I see them in real life this weekend. I'm excited to see the linen knit up. I've touched the yarn in a ball but the texture can really change once it has been knit.

It's back to sewing for me. And blocking a cardigan to take. I hope it's dry by Thursday afternoon. And there is laundry. And there is paperwork. And the most important thing-what am I going to take on the airplane to knit?? Wow. I'm tired thinking about it all.

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