Friday, January 17, 2014

Lots of unpacking

Rowan Silkystones arrived today. The yarn is beautiful!

82 Pampas

83 Grassland
Rowan Silkystones is a melange of toussah silk and linen, and each shade is a soft subtle blend of shades. Soft to the touch and with the light silken sheen of wet stones (hence the name) this yarn sits at the heart of our Spring Summer season.
85 Cavern

86 Glade

87 Tern

88 Dell

Fibre Content:
Linen: 48%, Silk: 52%

Spring Summer

Yarn Ball Weight: 

Yarn Meterage/Yardage: 

Tension/Gauge Stitches: 

Tension/Gauge Rows: 
Did I mention that Silkystones is beautiful? The silk gives the yarn an amazing shine.

Choosing a colour is going to be tough. Most of you will guess that I would pick one of the purples but Grassland is grabbing my attention.
Bella Lino from Classic Elite arrived today as well. I'm attached to this yarn too.

Swatching. It's necessary and this is why. I made my swatch last night holding together two strands of tosh vintage. I took my pictures quickly between episodes of Homeland. This measures 13" wide x 7" tall.

Then it soaked with a bit of Yuzu Soak for about two hours while we watched a few more episodes.

It was still damp when I left for work but it measured 14" wide by 8.5" tall. That's a big difference. If I knit a sweater using the pre-blocked tension and then blocked it, the sweater would grow. A lot.

It's going home time. I hope that Beth has dinner ready so that we can get back to Homeland. 3 episodes to go. We almost finished the series last night but it would have been around 2:30 and boy would I have been grumpy today.

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