Friday, January 31, 2014

Knitting and Cleaning

I played a bit on the website this morning trying to make it easier to find things. Under 'Kits' there are some new categories.

Now you can see kits by the company or look under Afghans and Throws, Cardigan, Mittens, Sweater and Cowls.

Korey and I have been talking about some other changes as well but those will take time.

There was a shock when I came in this morning. Someone broke in and cleaned my bathroom. Cathy went crazy yesterday afternoon (while I was at home on the conference call) and I didn't see it until I got to work today.

These shelves were covered in yarn. And not yarn that was in order. Just yarn thrown all over the place. Now it's neat and tidy.

I think that I should start renting Cathy out as a way to supplement my income. :) She is an awesome tidier and organizer. She had a lot of help from Kim but Cathy was the mastermind behind the operation.

The first front is done on my Bella Lino cardigan.

I'm downstairs writing and Beth is upstairs in the loft, knitting and watching How I Met Your Mother. I asked her if it is funnier if you are watching. When you just listen it isn't that funny. She said that it is mindless TV and she can knit easily to it. I'm going to sign off so I can go upstairs to knit. That also means watching something else on TV.

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