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Sunday, January 05, 2014


I've been thinking about something for the past few weeks. There are many people (men, women and children) in the Hamilton area who don't have hats to wear this winter. I guess I should have started sooner with this cold weather but with the way things are going it looks like we're in for a long winter.

I'm asking you to make a hat or hats (knit or crochet) to donate. The yarn doesn't have to be expensive. Machine washable is probably the best. Please go through your stash and find some yarn to help out.

I just finished my first hat. It needs a pom pom but Beth has taken my pom pom maker to her work. She tried it on for me and it looks good but she took it off before I could get a picture.

We are offering you a 10% off coupon for the store for each hat that you donate. Bring in your finished hats before the end of January. The coupon is good until the end of June, 2014. The coupons can't be combined - one coupon per purchase.

You will also be entered into a draw. One person will win a Soakbox of their choice from the Soakboxes that are in the store.

Mom and dad returned home from Myrtle Beach last night. I just got back from their house - dad has his truck back and I have the Edge. My car isn't ready to see the snow and cold yet.
Dad did a great job packing to get these all in the Edge. He made mom pack inside the trunks.
This suitcase has stickers and even has someones name.

I think we need a few more suitcases for the booth so dad is already planning for when they get back to Myrtle.

I was writing during the first football and missed most of it. The second game is on and I'm moving to the couch to watch and start another hat. I'm also helping Beth finish her monster. The knitting is done and we are starting to sew him together. Pictures tomorrow. He is sooooo cute!!


Rhona Smart said...

Could you give the hat pattern you used? thanks Rhona

Julie said...

You can find the pattern on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

Great collection of boxes and trunks, my DH would be very jealous- he loves trunks.
Happy knitting!