Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

I hope that everyone had a good evening last night. We visited friends and then home to bed just after midnight. It's been a busy morning. The Tournament of Roses Parade. I love watching the amazing floats and bands. Now the Winter Classic is on. There are some (OK lots) of crazy people sitting outside in the really cold and snow to watch. Most of the people in the stadium can't even see the puck.

I've finished the Camp Brochure. Beth is going to proof read it for me tomorrow and I will be including it in an email very soon. Could be the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

There was a bit of surgery done this afternoon. Beth is knitting another monster and somehow 2 stitches got dropped when she was casting off. I got them. In fluffy yarn like this I found them, latched them up and tied them off with a piece of yarn. You can't even see what I've done. Here is her creation so far.

It doesn't look very big in the picture. Yes, pictures can lie. He will be almost 2 feet tall when finished.

We finished Season 2 of Homeland last night. Now I really want to watch Season 3. Hurry and bring it out. So, I was writing away and started doing a bit of research. We can get Season 3 with On Demand from Cogeco. Unfortunately we don't subscribe to that station so we need to do that first. A bigger unfortunately - it's just after 7pm and they closed at 5 today. We can't add the channel until tomorrow. Oh well. I'm actually shocked that they were working at all today.

As I said it's after 7pm and I haven't done a stitch of knitting today. Since it is my day off I really should close up the computers (there are two laptops in front of me and I've been going between the two of them) and rest for a bit. Have a good evening and please stay warm.

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