Saturday, January 25, 2014


It's a snowy day and I thought that I was going to get to knit in the store. Not. I sewed in ends on some one's scarf. It really is time for her to learn how to do it herself but I don't see it happening in the near future.

The scarf is knit in Classic Elite Liberty, double strand on 7mm needles. She used 8 balls but if you wanted a narrower scarf you could make it with 6 balls.

The BYOB from Namaste arrived yesterday. I took one home last night so that Beth can get organized. She has a knitting chair. There are a few projects and all her supplies piled on it. Maybe this will help.

Sorry my pictures are a bit out of order. I should have shown the binder first and then the pages but this is how they downloaded and I didn't want to start playing around and mess things up.

This page was originally designed as a page to store interchangeable needles, hence the name, but we've found through testing that it's also great for 5" DPN sets, crochet hooks, darning needles, and more! Each page features 24 slots total (the page is double sided so you get 2 for 1!), each measuring approximately 1 inch across and 3" high. There are 12 slots on each side of the page, positioned 6 on the top half and 6 on the bottom half of each side. Each slot is fully reinforced with elastic strap behind the slot in order to ensure that all sizes fit snugly.

Page measures approx. 12.5" x 6.5"
My 15mm, Knitter's Pride tips above and a set of interchangeable needles to the right.

There is an elastic strap in each slot that holds the needles tight. They aren't going anywhere.

This page has 12 slots, 6 on each side, which measure 1" across by 6" high. Each slot is fully reinforced with elastic strap behind the slot in order to ensure that all sizes fit snugly. This page is ideal for organizing sets of straight needles and can also house sets of 7" DPNs

Page measures approx. 12.5" x 6.5"

I used this page for double points, crochet hooks and a pen. You can never find a pen when you need it.
The inside cover has two mesh slots for little items and the back cover has a one big mesh pocket.
This page features 2 mesh zipper pockets each measuring approximately 6" x 7" and it's ideal for storing interchangeable needle cables, circular needles, pens, tape measures, notions, you-name-it!

Page measures approx. 12" x 7" 

Introducing the latest and greatest in organization for the needle arts industry...the Namaste B.Y.O.B.!!! (Build Your Own Binder) BYOB is a fully customizable, sleek shell tool binder with 3 optional page types for personal customization. The BYOB case features an exterior rear zipper compartment, removable exterior wristlet, and 3 interior mesh pockets (2 1/2 pockets on front interior & 1 full wall rear interior pocket). The BYOB is perfect for wrangling any tools and is sold as an empty unit (includes the above-mentioned features). 
Mom made chili today - enough for us too - and I picked it up on the way home. She has to make two pots because one of us won't eat beans. And it isn't me. Thanks mom. It was very good and now we don't have to think about making dinner.


purplekatkin said...

I was wondering how you get your scarf to lay flat and not curl?.I have a real hard time with that.

Lois Evensen said...

Very pretty scarf! Of course, those are colors I love, too. Keeping all the tools handy and in order is a challenge, isn't it. And, I have so many of them. I like to have extra needles (and everything else) so I can leave needles with each wip, ready to pick up and go at any time.

Julie said...

Purplekatkin-There are 5 stitches done in moss stitch on each edge. There is still a bit of a roll to it but nearly as much as when you knit it all in stocking stitch.

arlene said...

Love the colour of the scarf. The organization binder is a great idea.
I too will not eat beans - no way no how!! It was very nice of your mom to make some of each kind (I usually just have to pick the beans out).