Thursday, January 23, 2014


Beth is becoming obsessed by her knitting. She does a few rows and then exclaims 'I'm a good knitter' or 'My knitting looks really good'. It's quite funny. She never wanted to touch needles and now you can't get them out of her hands. Here is the start of her fair isle scarf.
I wish that you cold feel through the computer because the yarn is so soft. You want to snuggle in. It is Amuri Hand Paint.

While we're talking about Amuri, Wannietta just finished a vest in the original Amuri which (obviously) isn't hand painted. 75% Pure NZ Wool. 25% Possum.
Pattern: Aileen - purchased on Ravelry
A slightly fitted vest knit in one piece from the bottom up with armbands and collar picked up.
This pattern uses short rows and the three-needle bind off for the shoulders. You will need to know how to pick up wraps for short rows and how to pick up stitches.
I love this vest. We already have a sample in the store and I have knit one for myself. There is something about the square neck line that I really like. It's easy to knit and looks great.

I don't know if I showed a picture of my Color Play Mohair Wrap finished. Here it is. I will try to get pictures outside as soon as it gets a bit warmer. We should have taken pictures in San Diego.

I'm writing my blog post, writing cheques from my other laptop and texting with Cathy all at the same time. Not a good idea. The first cheque wouldn't print. I tried everything. Even went upstairs to the office and unplugged the printer. Still wouldn't go. Rookie mistake. The computer wasn't connected to the WiFi in the house. Seriously. I should know better. You can all laugh at my expense - it was really stupid. I'm going to sign off now since I'm obviously not in a computer frame of mind. I hope my knitting goes better.

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