Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sewing in ends times 4

There's been some finishing happening today.

The Three Tail Scarf from Prism knit in Plume. It looks like fur but it isn't. 
An incredibly soft, luxurious faux fur yarn, hand-dyed Plume is made even more wonderful through our special finishing process. We love it best used as an accent with a flatter yarn, where it has the appearance of real fur. Cuffs, collars, cowls, scarves: Plume will be your new best friend!
The scarf has been done for awhile and I finally sewed in the ends. Then I had fun putting together different colour combinations.

Beth is having fun knitting but still hasn't learned how to finish. It's much easier to 'play dumb' and have someone else do it for you.
Liberty Wool from Classic Elite makes Beth happy. It changes colours which keeps her interested.

The scarf is the Purl Ridge Scarf (a free pattern from Stephen West) and took 2 balls. Small problem. It is knit on circular needles and Beth didn't see that there was a twist. We noticed about 5 rows in and she decided to finish it the way it was. It sits great if you double it over.

The hat is Fake Isle (a free pattern from Amy King) that also took 2 balls-one black and one multi. She learned new things on this hat like catching the yarn when doing fair isle.

The hat and scarf are different colours but they work great together.

After all those ends I started on Sleepy Sunday. All ends on the throw are sewn in. I have knit all the curly q tassels and have started sewing in those ends. That will be tomorrows job-couldn't deal with anymore ends today.
Mr. Canada Post brought in a box of Kauni. This awesome poncho was in the box. We have kits made up (and will be taking them to the Knitters' Fair). If you don't want to do the fair isle knitting we will have finished ponchos for sale later in September. This colour and a blue/green/purple version.

Tonight I'm going back to Aileen-the Laura Aylor vest I'm knitting in tosh vintage-whiskey barrel. I was going to get a picture but when I looked up it was pitch black out. Who knew it was that late already? Pictures tomorrow in day light.

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