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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Read the pattern???

Jane was in today to show off her work.

This is an Arizona Dream throw.
Colourway: Walkabout Creek
Pattern: Denali

I love how the broomstick lace is looking.

I did get my throw finished last night. Then I started on the curly q tassels. I think we had a little talk about reading the pattern. I did it again. My hands were really sore after the first tassel. The second one was a bit easier. Then I looked at the pattern again. Wow. If you do it how the pattern says it is much easier. Three are done now and five to go. Should be done tonight.

It's been a busy day. We've been making kits for the Knitters' Fair. I know. It's three weeks away but I want everything done and ready to go next week. I'm having a small panic attack because we really need a bigger booth. I have no clue how it's going to fit in. Kind of like packing for a trip. I need to get it ready to go and then go through and remove a few things.

The boys are doing good. They are loving the really big dog bed in the middle of the living room. Melo wasn't happy that I got up to take their picture. How dare I disturb him when he is resting?

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