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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Read the pattern

Today has been all about the knitting. I'm trying to get Sleepy Sunday done. Around 3pm I started to fret. OK, I was freaking out. There was no way I could get the throw done because I was going to run out of yarn.

The pattern says to work to row 136. Then you are supposed to go back to 124 and work the colour order in reverse. 123, 122, 121... I got to row 83 and knew that I didn't have enough Zanziba to finish. I checked to see how many rows I could do and I came to about 4.5. When I counted there were 10 rows of Zanziba to finish the throw. I started to try and figure out how I could rearrange the colours to make it. My mind was going to explode. Then I read the pattern.
Now starting with row 124, work the rows backwards i.e. row 123, row 122, rows 121 etc until the length measures approx. 145cm. 
145cm. I don't need to get back to row 1. I was about 130cm at row 83. There is a really good lesson in this. Read the pattern.

I just finished row 59. After the next mohair section I will have enough length. And I haven't run out of any colours. All the worry for nothing.

I should have the knitting finished sometime tonight. Big Brother and The Great Food Truck Race are on so I can knit without feeling guilty that I should be doing some sort of work.

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