Saturday, August 10, 2013


We received an order from Prism this week and in it were new colours of Plume.
An incredibly soft, luxurious faux fur yarn, hand-dyed Plume is made even more wonderful through our special finishing process. We love it best used as an accent with a flatter yarn, where it has the appearance of real fur. Cuffs, collars, cowls, scarves: Plume will be your new best friend! 
I really needed mindless knitting this past week so I made this scarf.

Pattern: Triple Tail Scarf
Yarn: 3 skeins of Plume - I used Juniper, Playa and Mocha
Needles: 8mm and 10mm

The scarf is 24 rows knit lengthwise. Not too hard.

On the inside of the labels there are great sayings-kind of like getting a fortune cookie.
If it takes your breath need it!
You don't get WOW! by doing the expected. Laura Bryant

Mr. Roko has his leg massaged and iced four times a day. Do you think he likes the ice? Mr. Melo has moved back in. I'm not sure that he is happy being here. He isn't allowed to run with Roko. He can't wrestle with Roko. And there is a mattress in our living room.

I'm going back to Aileen tonight. I've reached the armholes and am working up the right front. There is nothing planned for tonight or tomorrow so there should be lots of knitting. I started doing an inventory in my head of what I need to get done in the next month. Aileen, Asking for Flowers plus a Colinette throw. I'm going to be busy.

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