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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Cinnamon Kane

 Cinnamon Kane, the newest soakbox is on the way to us.
This limited edition Soakbox includes a bottle of Soak and Heel-foot cream for feet worthy of hand made socks, stylishly matched to premium nail polish and custom hand dyed yarn.
The yarn is from Lorna's Laces and the pattern is designed by Fiona Ellis.

Later in the day I received two exciting emails from Soak.
Yuzu is coming in 12oz bottles.
Full of tart citrus + crushed eucalyptus, you're sure to love Yuzu

There is a limited run of unleash that will be in the store at the beginning of September.
This sweet and spicy pomegranate and green apple scent is a special limited-edition fiber wash from the Soak Worthy collection! The fragrance is light, fruity, fresh, and crisp.
Hopefully the phones in the store will be fixed in the morning. Right now they are forwarding to my cell. The technician is going to be at the store sometime between 8:30 and noon. Not too big of a window. :)

Big Brother tonight is going to be interesting. A double elimination. Will they have the guts to vote Amanda out??


Sally said...

I found last night's show so disappointing! That Amanda has to leave! ! ! ! Wake up people.

Irene said...

Love the name.