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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Asking for Flowers

A customer came in the other day with a shawl pattern called Asking for Flowers by Kate Atherley.
A sideways shawl with biasing garter stitch makes for a beautiful drape, and a dramatic Shetland lace edging adds interest to the knitting – but not too much! – and to the finished product. Short-row wedges create a nice curved shape.

Read about the shawl on Kate's blog...

Purchase the pattern on Ravelry...
I really, really liked it and emailed Kate right away. Is it okay for me to share pictures on my blog? Of course she said. Her version is knit in sock yarn. I wanted to knit it but something about the colour Flushing in Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace (a finer yarn, 50/50 mohair and silk) was calling my name.

The colours remind me of the colours in my house. And it will look great with Aileen (the vest I am knitting in dark brown).

I changed the needle size to 4mm to compensate for the lace weight yarn and like how it is coming out.

This was taken Friday afternoon.

The pattern is very easy to follow. It is lace but not hard, too much thinking lace. The come back row is knit so that gives your mind a bit of a rest.
And this morning. Two pattern repeats are done.

I printed off the chart a couple of times and cross off as I do each row. One little trick-notice the marker on my needle. Up to the marker is garter stitch in a 6 row repeat. The chart is 34 rows. Not divisible by 6. I mark the 6 rows on the chart and I can follow along easily.

Mr. Roko is doing okay. He doesn't like to be on the leash but he will get used to it. :) He is definitely loving all the attention and treats. The crying is getting less and less and his tail is wagging more. His biggest problem is getting comfortable when he lays down. Mr. Melo is still staying with his grandparents and enjoying time with them and Tui.


Lois Evensen said...

What a beautiful lace. I like your version. I'm glad Mr. Roko is doing OK. :) Our two pups are home sleeping soundly now after "performing" today at an agility show.

Linda in Waterloo said...

Aww... glad your buddy is recovering, albeit with some doggie drama. Shawl and colours look beautiful.

Julie Ann said...

Poor Roko...he is likely crying for Melo too!
What about Kate's shawl in Zen Garden?

Julie said...

Julie Ann-Kate's shawl in Zen would be great. I didn't use it because I just finished Windward in it and wanted to try a different yarn.