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Friday, February 08, 2013

Snow Day

It's been snowing all day in Ancaster. No work for me. What to do? Start knitting with Haymarket from Lorna's Laces. I brought this home from TNNA.
Pattern: The Lonely Tree Shawl - free on Ravelry
Colour: Daley
Needles: 5.5mm - the pattern says 5mm but I wanted to make the shawl a bit bigger
This picture doesn't show my knitting very well but it shows a picture of the finished shawl.

Mr. UPS has boxes on his truck for us so I guess he will be bringing them on Monday. There is a large box from Lorna's Laces with a few colours of Haymarket. The yarn is really nice to knit with. No splitting. I haven't knit very much with it but so far I can say that I highly recommend it.

Mr. Roko (left) loves the snow. He keeps going to the back door to go out and play. It's fun to dig in the snow to find your toys.
Mr. Melo could take it or leave it. His paws were getting wet.

We got Beth's truck shovelled out. It was a bit of an adventure. She backed her truck in which sounded smart at the time. Not really. Her drivers door was beside the grass and her tires were on the edge of the driveway. We couldn't shovel to get to the drivers door so I walked through snow that was well above my knees. Tomorrow night is the annual Valentines Dinner to raise money for Honduras. They need to start setting up tonight so Dad and Beth have made their way out. Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive. If I can't get my car out in the morning I know that I can get to work in Beth's truck.
The poor kids who have to clean the driveways in our complex will have their work cut out for them tonight.

There are a couple of magazines that arrived Thursday afternoon that I forgot to mention.

The Luxury Silk DK was in the box as well. It looks really nice-very shiny. 100% silk.
It's later in the evening and I have fed the kids who are shovelling. I baked them chocolate chip cookies and took them water. Yes, our driveway will be good and clean. In case you are living in a nice warm climate and are missing the snow here is a picture of what we ended up with.
And this is nothing compared to what the people of the north east are going to get. Wishing you the best-hope that they are wrong about how much snow is heading your way.

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Lois Evensen said...

This is my second attempt to leave a comment - computer just couldn't handle all the programs I had open and crashed. Anyway, if this comes twice, I'm sorry. .

I just wanted to say we knitters are never too sorry when we have to stay home and knit. ;)