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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

No Snow Day

I was up at 6am with the news on waiting to see that the school buses were cancelled. No school means the roads are too bad to go to work. Didn't happen. I was up so I got the day started. I was in the store by 8:30 so lots of knitting was accomplished today.

The Lonely Tree Shawl is growing. Chart C is done and I just attached the second ball of yarn. I'm adding Chart D-which isn't part of the pattern but you can download here. I have lots of yarn and bigger is always better.
I received notification today that the shawl pins that were ordered at TNNA are on the way to us.
Spring Bud Shawl Pin

Single Leaf Shawl Pin

So the snow they called for only partially came.
It isn't nice fluffy snow. When the driveway was cleaned this morning and again this afternoon (it hasn't stopped here but it isn't accumulating) it made big chunks of snow.

My knitting is packed to head home. It's a big TV night. Survivor. And it looks like there will be lots of fighting tonight. American Idol. Now that the auditions are over we have started watching. The judges are meaner so far this year. We like it that way. Big Brother Canada starts tonight too.

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