Thursday, February 28, 2013

Knitter's Magazine

The newest Knitter's Magazine just arrived.

You can see all the garments here.

There is a mitred poncho from Jane Slicer-Smith that is amazing!

The trees were beautiful on my way to work this morning. It snowed all night. Nice fluffy snow. I took this picture while stopped at a stop light. I was stopped so that should be alright. :)
Out back of the store. I would have loved to own a good camera today for these.
Ms. Canada Post delivered the missing boxes from madelinetosh. The website is up to date with these. Tosh sock, merino light, merino and vintage. Then Mr. Canpar brought in a huge box of Cascade 220. That will be my job this afternoon. No, not putting away yarn. Updating the website-which is done.

It's after dinner and I'm going to knit. Not on my knitting. I'm casting off Beth's Linen Stitch Scarf. Then I need to cast on stitches for her. She is heading to Myrtle Beach tomorrow and wants to take knitting with her. Another Linen Stitch Scarf. Yes, you read that right. The girl who didn't like to knit wants to have some with her. Thank goodness I have Criminal Minds and CSI to watch.

I've reread my post and there isn't much knitting content. I started looking for some free patterns for you. Many knitters ask for a pattern in sock yarn for baby socks. Here you go.
Download the pattern...

The Mara Shawl from madelinetosh
A simple garter‐stitch triangle shawl, worked from the top down and trimmed with a pleated border. This flexible pattern can be worked larger for a full‐sized shawl or smaller for a petite shawlette. Knit in DK weight yarn, this shawl is the perfect companion on a cool spring evening or layered under a winter coat for fall.
The pattern says 3 skeins of yarn but when I was looking at the shawl on Ravelry many people commented that they ran out so I suggest 4 skeins.

4.5mm needles

Download the pattern...

I think my work here is done. Beth is calling from upstairs "What about my knitting??" Gotta go.

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