Thursday, February 07, 2013

Inspira Cowl

I got back to my knitting last night while watching The Taste and Top Chef. After the first episode of The Taste (which I didn't get all the way through) I decided I wasn't going to watch anymore. Beth taped it while I was away so we decided to try again and watch the second episode. Much better.
The Inspira Cowl is growing.
Pattern: free on Ravelry
Yarn: Classic Elite Liberty Wool-2 balls each of 7890 and 7821
Needles: 5mm 60cm
I cast on 150 stitches to start

Here are the colours as they would knit on their own

Ultra Violet Autumn

Caribbean Tide Pool

Beth is almost done her Linen Stitch Scarf. She got a lot of knitting done while I was away and is quite proud of herself. No mistakes. She joined two balls of yarn on her own. There came a spot in the scarf where she didn't like how the colours were playing out so she cut out a section and rejoined the yarn.

Late next week we will be receiving two new colours of Liberty Wool. Beth has declared that when they arrive she is going to cast off her scarf I'm going to cast off her scarf. She will be using one or both of the new colours to start her own Inspira Cowl. Who would have thought that she would knit so much??

An email just came through from madelinetosh. A shipment is leaving Texas tomorrow.

-well water

-amber trinket
-mourning dove


merino light
-william morris
-vanilla bean
-glazed pecan
-smokey orchid
-victorian gothic
-french grey

-maple leaf
-copper penny
-worn denim

It's much later in the evening and I'm taking a break from working on the website. Not trying to sound like a broken record but the launch date could be next week. The snow hasn't started in Ancaster yet. I want it to snow lots, so much that I can't get to work, or don't snow at all so that there is no problem getting to work. Nothing in between please. In case I'm stuck at home an assortment of addi needles fell into my bag so that I can play with my Haymarket. The oven is on and I'm going to bake cookies. The kids who shovel our driveway like them. And it gets our driveway done first. And they do a really good job at my house.

Stay safe to anyone getting snow tonight.

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