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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Home Again

I've been home for about an hour and in front of me is my Tim Horton's tea. It's great to be home.

Today was very uneventful. Get up. Pack. Check out. Head to the airport. Fly home. 

The pictures from my trip are now downloaded on my laptop. I'm going to show a few.

From the Aria

The flowers on the tree twirl. It was hard to get near the display to get a picture. Everyone had their phones out.

There are cakes all over his bakery at The Aria and The Bellagio that are so beautiful you couldn't eat them.

New fabrics from Offhand Designs that will be coming early summer.
Addi has new needles. I don't have any information and don't know when they will be available but I hope to know tomorrow.
Here are a few more from the Bellagio Conservatory

Behind the check in desk at The Bellagio.
They don't do anything small in Vegas.

I'm sorry to report that no knitting was done on the plane. I had it with me. Sort of thought about it but was reading. Something I never do at home. And kind of napping. In my world (west coast time) it is only 7:15 but I need to wake up on east coast time tomorrow morning so it's bed time.

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