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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope your loved one remembered and brought you a thoughtful gift.

Before I forget, the store will be closed this Monday, February 18 for Family Day.

Mr. Canpar brought in two boxes today with lots of pretty sock yarn.

SockItToMe Bold From Estelle Designs

75% Superwash Wool
25% Nylon

400m on a 100gram ball

Made in Italy

The colours are bold!

$15 per ball

One ball will make a pair of socks up to a size 12.
The second box had six new colours of Noro Silk Garden Sock
Cathy was in the store today wearing another great scarf she just knit.
Pattern: Aldred from Katherine Matthews - printed patterns in the store or purchase on Ravelry
Yarn: Classic Elite Liberty Prints

The colours of her scarf match her new glasses. I'm rubbing off on her. :)

I'm going to talk about Survivor (after a short commercial) so if you haven't watched last night's episode then please stop reading.

I'm having some fun right now with my sinuses. They're infected. I'm taking antibiotics and they are draining. Which means lots of blowing my nose. My nose is sore so Beth bought me some very special Kleenex.
Kleenex Cool TouchTM Tissue are made with a unique blend of ingredients, including cooling moisturizers and aloe. When Kleenex Cool TouchTM Tissue comes in contact with your skin, body heat activates the formula to release cooling comfort to soothe a sore nose.
I don't know if I will ever be able to use a regular Kleenex again. These are amazing.

I did remember all the favourites when Survivor started. Now I really need to ask who picked them. Instead of favourites maybe they should be called veterans. Just my opinion. :)

It was good to see Cochrane. He will make it interesting. Just one question. If you have skin that fair why are you walking around in hot sand without socks or shoes? Of course your feet are going to burn.

Two minutes into the show Francesca declared that she would eat a rock if she was the first one voted off again. Beth and I turned to each other and started to laugh. Talk about the kiss of death. You knew she was going home. She didn't learn anything from being there the first time.

Right now Malcolm is my guy!!

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Samantha said...

Love the sock yarn. Very nifty! Cathy's scarf is really pretty too.

Those kleenex sound great -- except the aloe. I break out in a rash from aloe. :(

Speaking of aloe, maybe someone should give some to Cochran.