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Sunday, November 18, 2012

We're Here

It was an early morning. The alarm went off at 4am so that we could be on the road at 5. Small problem-there was a lot of fog. Really bad fog. We decided to wait until 6 to get on the road. The fog wasn't too bad and as the sun came up it was fine. About half an hour past London it got really bad. I had to really concentrate. Give myself a headache concentrate. We figured we could only see 300m in front of us. It was like that all the way to the Windsor.

We had no wait at the border and were in the hotel lobby before 10. Our room wasn't ready so we went to the concierge about getting football tickets. The amazing lady working at the desk helped us get tickets that were great. And for a huge discount.

After a short cab ride (we didn't realize how close the stadium was) we were ready for football. Ford Field sits right beside Comerica Park where the Detroit Tigers (baseball) play.

The stadium was amazing. Probably the nicest I have been to for a football game and I have been to many-Miami, Buffalo, Cleveland, Seattle, Minnesota and San Diego.

Every staff person we came in contact with were helpful and friendly.

Here are a couple of the concession stands. Big Boy and Tim Horton's.

The hotel room is flash. A TV in the bathroom. Does it get any better?

And the best shower I have seen in a hotel bathroom. A shower head on the ceiling. Love it!!

We are watching football while I write. Beth forgot to tape The Amazing Race so we are going to watch and then to bed. Tomorrow we are going to the zoo.

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Linda in Waterloo said...

Enjoy your getaway!