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Friday, November 16, 2012

Two more sleeps

Beth and I are almost set to leave for our little adventure. Almost because my car is in the shop today. It went in last Friday with tire problems and the light came on again at 6 last night. It should be ready this afternoon. We are leaving very early Sunday morning, going to the hotel and then heading to the football game. Green Bay is in Detroit. Monday is going to be zoo day - at least that is the plan right now but it could change depending on the weather. Tuesday shopping. Wednesday could be more shopping. Originally we were coming home on Wednesday afternoon but we made it Thursday night. That way we can see the Houston Texans play in Detroit on Thursday-American Thanksgiving. Beth and I didn't really want to stay (just joking) but my dad is making us. He could be more excited about us seeing two games than we are.

I did something last night that I have never done in my life. Ripped out knitting and scrapped a project. I like the yarn - Freia Fingering. I like the pattern (Drop City) but they aren't meant for each other. I'm going to put the yarn on hold until I get home and then will find a better project for it. The colour repeats are very long (which isn't a bad thing) and I think they are meant more for a shawl than a scarf. Drop City is going to be done in a hand dyed sock yarn or maybe a Noro sock yarn.

Mr. UPS brought in a box from Dream in Color-Everlasting Color is here. Good timing-one of these colours will work for Drop City. :)
With its distinctive multi-ply construction and smooth twist, this base provides the ideal canvas for our vibrant, subtly-layered colors. The fiber content, combined with our unique dyeing process — developed especially for the Everlasting bases — gives Everlasting Sock its deep and lushly-shaded tones. Knitted at a firmer gauge, this yarn forms a dense and hard-wearing fabric that’s perfect for socks and cold weather accessories, while knitting at a looser gauge yields a fabric with sensational softness and drape.
100% superwash merino wool
100 g & 420 yds.
7.5 – 9 sts per inch
U.S. 0 to 2 needles
$29 a skein

This isn't all the colours. That would make a very long post but I will say that they are amazing and choosing is going to be hard. We started with 2 skeins of each colour. I wanted to see the yarn before I ordered a really big shipment. It is very nice and I will be getting more.

I brought the Linen Stitch Scarf with me today. I'm almost done the first ball of each colour and will be joining in a second ball of each for a really wide scarf-more like a shawl.
Since it is only two more sleeps I better start thinking about what I am going to take to wear. More importantly, what am I going to take to knit??

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