Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm glad that we aren't driving to Detroit today. Going along the 401 in snow isn't a fun thing to do.

Fog isn't fun either. On our way home on Thursday we started passing wind turbines. Some of these were no more than 200 yards off the highway. It was so foggy on our drive last Sunday morning that we didn't even see them.

We learned something else on Thursday. When we got to the border the guard asked us for our hotel invoice. I never keep these. A lot of times I check out on the TV and don't pick up the invoice at the front desk-lesson learned. Always pick it up.

I finished the Frillseeker Twilight scarf last night. Seven stitches makes  for a perfect length scarf.

When I was done I handed it to Beth to feel. She said 'I thought it would feel scratchy because some metallic yarns are but it feels nice and soft'.
Drop City is growing. Every repeat you increase two stitches. The pattern says to do this increasing until 14 repeats are done. Then you are at the half way point. I've reached this but the scarf isn't long enough for my liking. I like them really long. I'm going to keep increasing for at least 3 more repeats. Then you start decreasing two stitches every repeat. The second half will go quicker. :)

It's almost football time. NFL - Beth and I have clinched a playoff spot in fantasy football. We missed the last two years so this is exciting. Then the Grey Cup later this afternoon. I don't really care who wins as long as we get to see a good game.

Somewhere in between this all we need to watch last week's episode of The Amazing Race. Beth forgot to tape it before we left last Sunday morning. I'm blaming it all on her. :)

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