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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Piccadilly and Covent Garden

Mr. Canpar brought in a box this morning with new scarf yarn. This one is really different.


30m on a 58 gram skein
100% polyester

And then the sister yarn

Covent Garden

Of course I started a scarf. Not a lot was accomplished but I'm hoping tomorrow. Kim will be working with me again tomorrow. I might sit and knit all day. A person can wish. :)
The yarns are $20 a skein and one skein will make a scarf.

I don't suggest rolling the yarn into a ball but take a paper towel tube and roll the yarn onto it.

Kim and I played with the Jul accessories.

(I straightened this after the picture was taken)

We have new Christmas flags on the front of the store. Yes, I still believe in Santa.
Who is going home on Survivor tonight? Please let it be Abi. Please!!! I have some updating of the website to do and a newsletter to write before I can watch Survivor so I better hit Publish and get to it.

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