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Thursday, November 01, 2012

New Patterns

The box of patterns from Churchmouse has arrived.

Inside Outside Cowl
With some very simple knitting—and a little fussy finishing—you'll have a double layer cowl that's totally seamless, utterly reversible, and very versatile. Designed for our 2012 LYS (Local Yarn Shop) tour, the two-color version can be worn either color out, or shifted half way for bold color blocking. (We've also included a bonus pattern for a totally tubular headband that you can knot, or not.)
Two balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze
The cowl knit in one ball of Kidsilk Haze Stripe.
Cozy Boot Cuffs
Ribbed from top to bottom, our woolly cuffs give you the look of thick cozy socks, but fit nicely into your boots. Smooth stirrups keep them seated. Worked in the round, boot cuffs are a nice, easy 'warm-up' before you tackle your first pair of socks.

Knit in worsted weight yarn on 3.75mm double pointed needles.
Ferryboat Mitts
Perfect for a foggy morning commute across Puget Sound. Or keyboarding with the thermostat down. Or texting. Or knitting out of doors. We love these handsome ribbed mitts on men and women alike. One fellow told us that our thumb gusset reminded him of a sweep of chrome on a car, so we knew we'd hit a nice masculine note!
Knit in worsted/aran weight yarn on 4mm double pointed needles.

Section two still isn't done. I made it to row 40. Maybe tonight?

I'm going to talk about Survivor-if it's taped and you haven't watched then you might want to stop reading.

What happened last night? I don't understand. You are on a team of 4 that merges with a team of 7. 2 people from the larger team want to join your team which gives you the numbers. Now you are running the game. Instead you decided to join the team of 7 and vote off someone who is going to help you get to the end. Am I missing something??? Unbelievable.

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Sally said...

No, I think you've about got it. The stupidness seems to carry through somehow. They must have caught it from last season's Big Brother.