Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kate's Coming

We are excited that Kate Atherley will be teaching in the store on Saturday, December 8, 2012. You might know her as wisehilda on Ravelry and Twitter or from her blog.

Fixing Mistakes
description: This class will teach you how to spot and fix mistakes in your knitting, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert. We'll share tips for safely ripping out stitches and rows, for fixing mistakes without ripping out, and for deciding when you don’t need to bother fixing at all. We'll also discuss strategies for fixing mistakes in completed projects, and addressing common mistakes that come up when working a pattern like missing an increase or decrease.
class details: I show how to pick up a dropped stitch (and of course, dropping and fixing an incorrect stitch before picking it up). I discuss when mistakes should be fixed - is it visible, is it structural? I show how to handle inadvertent yarnover holes. And pattern level mistakes - what if you're off by a stitch after increasing or decreasing? How to darn up a hole or dropped stitch after cast-off. I demo "tinking", and feeding a needle through your knitting before you start ripping it out, and how to use a lifeline.
skill level: beginner to intermediate length: 2 hours
materials required: bring your mistakes! 

Toe Up Socks with Gusset
description: The toe-up sock construction is very popular, and lots of fun to work. This session teaches you how to read and work a toe up sock pattern. We also teach you how to fix a common design flaw with the toe- up construction around the heel, to improve the fit.
class details: I demonstrate the provisional and figure eight (a.k.a. Judy`s magic) cast-on. I provide a basic resizable toe-up sock template, and show knitters how to add a gusset to a standard short-row heel to improve the fit.

skill level: advanced beginner/intermediate; knitters must be comfortable with knit, purl and ribbing, and should have some experience working in the round, knitters need not have worked a sock before
length: 3 hours
materials required: 4 or 4.5mm dpns and some scrap worsted weight yarn in a light colour 

Kate added a few comments to this class
Best if knitters have experience with working socks; knitters should be familiar with working in the round. 

You can register by stopping in the store or calling with a credit card. I know you won't be disappointed if you take a class with Kate.

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