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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Having Fun

Beth and I are having fun. I'm not going to say that we have relaxed but we are enjoying ourselves.

We have mixed reviews from the zoo yesterday. It really is the wrong time of year to be going for a visit. A lot of animals are inside for the winter. There is a train that runs through the zoo but it is closed for the season. We did a lot of walking-probably over 2 miles. I was a bit tired by the time we were done. Not too tired to go to the mall but tired. :)

Otters who were more interested in sleeping that visiting with us.

This was the only polar bear we saw. Luckily I spotted him when I did. You walk into the area where they play and go in a big loop. When we came to the end of the loop and didn't see any more bears we went back to the beginning to see this guy again. He was gone. Beth would have whined all day if she didn't see a polar bear.

Sommerset Mall was on the way back to the hotel. OK, not on the way back but close. Macys-Beth and I each got a pair of shoes. California Pizza Kitchen. Nordstoms. Beth got another pair of shoes. This is big because Beth doesn't have a shoe thing like I do. The mall was beautiful. We could have spent a lot more time but we were a bit worn out.

There is a bit of progress on my knitting.

There was a bit of progress on my knitting. Maybe I will get a bit more done tonight. Maybe.

Today Beth and I went for a drive to another mall. It was outdoors. Luckily the weather today was nice.

You can even take your dogs to the mall.

We were walking along and these bears were in the window of Kay's Jewellers. Who could pass up on them? Then we found out that all money was going to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Yes, we have one of each.

Beth is reading and doesn't want to head out yet so I'm going to sit with my knitting and get some rows done.

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