Sunday, November 04, 2012


As many of you know I don't like buttons. It's not that I dislike the actual button but I don't like sewing them on. It 's just something that I will put off for as long as possible. I also have many shawls that I don't wear because I don't like how they sit on me. My shoulders are wide and some don't sit nice. An email came through on Friday that is going to change that.

Jul makes fabulous shawl pins and bag hardware. I look in their booth when I go to trade shows and have seen everything I am showing here but somehow I missed their importance. Friday's email opened my eyes.

Venetian Hinged Closures
This exciting, supple leather closure was inspired by massive old hinges on doors of villas in Venice and Florence, Italy. Like the Bridge series of closures, the Venetian Hinge screws into both sides of a garment. But unlike the Bridge, the Hinge snaps in the center, making it easy to take your garment off and put it back on without removing the Hinge itself. The Hinge is available in a subtle palette of neutrals-black, aubergine and chocolate.
Laura (the owner of Jul) has designed some shawls featuring her garment closures. What great ideas. I'm going to do an order tomorrow for some of these closures and we should have them in a week to two weeks in the store.

The patterns are available now on Ravelry and we will have in the store when the box arrives.

Strata Collar
Strata is a collar knitted side to side that may be worked in a single color or in stripes with ridges along one edge and a ruffling fullness along the other edge. It may be worn with the ruffles spreading onto the shoulders or turned upside down with the ruffles framing the face, the front fastened with JUL screw-in, no-sew closures. The ridges on the edge of this collar are intended to evoke the layers, or strata, of sedimentary rocks.
See it on Ravelry...

These are worked in worsted weight yarns.

The Hinge is screwed into the garment but doesn't hurt the yarn. It is easy to remove the Hinge from the garment and use on something else.

Range uses The French Curve to close it. If you look on the shoulder it is leather in an S shape. The French Curve works the same as the Hinge-screw in into your garment.
The French Curve relies upon a button-hole-like cut-out in leather that locks over a button but releases with a gentle twist of the leather. French Curves can be unfastened on either side.
Paisley Bridge Closure-hand cast pewter with Pedestal Backings.

Baroque Fibula Night Pearl-as seen in Vogue Knitting's 30th anniversary issue. This can be worn as a closure, shawl pin or brooch.

There will be more surprises in the box that I will show when they arrive.

It's football knitting time. :)

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Lois Evensen said...

How very cool! The last ones look very much like Norwegian hooks for sweaters.

We will be sailing out in less than an hour. I'll get into your blog as often as possible, but internet time is very difficult while we are at sea because there just aren't any Verizon cell towers out here! :(

All the best,