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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Totally Done

I just finished Tiny Tea Leaves. All ends are sewn in. Buttons are sewn on. Done!
You can see all the project details on Ravelry.

My mom called a few minutes ago offering to come and sew buttons on the cardigans I showed yesterday. I'm too busy to think about them today but she might regret it next week when I drop them and the buttons off at her house.

I sat down this afternoon and worked on my vest. I kept finding new things to pack for the Frolic and I had to stop because I'm afraid everything I have won't fit into the booth.

The first side gusset is finished and I have about 10 rows to go on the second one. Then one round of crochet across the bottom to make a nice finished edge. Oh yeah, then there are ends to sew in. I'm thinking I might put a sign on it at the Frolic stating "Please don't look inside. I didn't have time to sew in the ends."


Sally said...

Just say that they're a new kind of liner for extra warmth!

Lois Evensen said...

The vest and baby sweater are both really nice. I have so many really nice yarns that I could use to make the vest. The baby sweater is gorgeous. I love watching the progress as you work on items. Mom is pretty cool to sew on buttons!