Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not enough sleep

Beth just called to make sure that I was awake. There wasn't a lot of sleep last night. I was up until I finished the front bands on Tiny Tea Leaves. Yes, front bands. I had to pull out the band that was already done-there were too many stitches and it was wavy. The pattern says two stitches for every three rows. I ended up one stitch every two rows in the yoke and then two stitches for every three rows in the body. This worked much better.

Just after 5 this morning Melo came into my room. I told him to go get his mother if he wanted out. Then I rolled over and went back to sleep. Fifteen minutes later Beth was waking me up because the batteries were dying in the smoke detector upstairs and it was beeping. Roko was freaking out. FREAKING OUT!! I had to take the dogs outside so that Beth could change the battery. Back in bed around 6 and then the alarm went off at 7. We were having our back yard groomed this morning. The dogs have trampled the artificial grass and it needed to have a bit of life put back into it. I can't wait to get home to see how it looks.

Beth just emailed me a picture. It looks great and very clean. Beth picked up a pail full of socks and toys last night. The dogs will have it littered again by the weekend.

Austin Hoodie kits in the
new colours of Solemate
I could be tired because I unpacked lots of boxes today. The final box from Lorna's Laces arrived. The new colours of Solemate are great. Four of six boxes from madelinetosh came as well. Mr. Canada Post wasn't happy with me this morning-he had a lot of boxes to carry in. There is one more that I didn't even get to from Crystal Palace that has Mini Mochi, Chunky Mochi and Sausalito.

It is a super busy TV night - Survivor, American Idol, new Revenge (finally), baseball and hockey. If I thought I was tired today it is going to be worse tomorrow.


Sally said...

Don't forget Jeopardy! There' a yarn store owner on tonight. She won last night.

julia in KW said...

artificial grass in your backyard? how does that work? particularly with your pups???