Thursday, April 05, 2012


I'm ready for the day. Mail is done and ready to go. Once my post is finished the computer is going away and the knitting is coming out.

I have my iPad with me and the TSN Masters App is downloaded. There isn't TV coverage of the Masters until 3pm (you wouldn't want to show everything) so I am watching online until then. I could watch on my computer but this way I can watch and work at the same time.

Tiny Tea Leaves-the yoke is almost done. The pattern is super easy. We were talking about Tea Leaves in class last night. Sarah and Lynn both knit the adult version. Once the yoke is done the body can be considered boring knitting. You can also think of it as great car knitting. Lynn travels many weekends to the cottage and she got the cardigan knit while driving - okay she was sitting in the passenger seat :)

Sarah brought me her Gnarled Oak. I was afraid to take it just in case something happens but she is okay with it hanging in the store. We are taking it to the Frolic and Lynn will be in charge of it there. It will also be Lynn's job to get it back to Cathy who will be traveling to England in May to see Sarah.

There is a pile of patterns to be priced but I'm calling holiday and setting them aside until next week. I will post them as I price them.

Enjoy your Good Friday tomorrow. I will try to post but there is church, knitting and quilting on the agenda.

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