Wednesday, March 09, 2011

When is spring coming??

What a yucky day.  Rain, freezing rain, snow.  I don't want to go outside so how can I expect customers to come out?  The only saving thing for today is that when I get home from class tonight I can watch Survivor and American Idol.

I did work a bit on Wild Saffron today.  Both shoulders are sewn and I have started working up the side seams.  For some reason I keep finding other jobs to do instead of finishing this.  I am not sure why.  I like the mattress stitch.  I can do it quickly.  Something is holding me back.

Why am I using black wool for the sewing??  I always sew my wool sweaters together with Loyal from Naturally.  The yarn won't break as I am pulling it through over and over again.  I had black at home when I started so I went with it.  When the mattress stitch is done properly it doesn't matter what colour you use.

I can't put the sweater on a mannequin to take a picture.  It is too big for the skinny minis who model sweaters in the store.  :)

Maybe I will get the other side sewn during class tonight.

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