Saturday, March 26, 2011

What's on my needles?

Here is a bit of what I am knitting. Yes, the sock is still on my needles.  Did you really expect me to sit down and knit two socks before starting something else?

The Knitter's Frolic is a month away and it hit me that Sarah and Jane need sweaters to wear.  I started an easy top down cardigan.

Pattern:  Knitting Pure and Simple 294 (it will be about 2 weeks until we have them in the store for sale)

Needles:  6.5mm

Yarn:  tosh merino Amber Trinket

The yarn is a dream to knit with.  It is hand dyed so I am working two rows from one ball and then two rows from another ball.  This will blend the colours together.  If I knit one ball and then the next there can be a line (like knitting with two different lots) and it isn't a nice look.

I keep forgetting to mention American Idol.  What happened on Thursday night?  How could Casey receive the least amount of votes? Seriously.  How could that happen?  I am so happy that the judges saved him.  I hope that Pia and Stefano try singing something more upbeat this week.  They have great voices but talk about boring.  I like to be entertained.  Yes, I was a fan of Adam's.  :)

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Lois Evensen said...

I love the little short sweater. In a fancy yarn and different sleeve finish, it would be great over a formal dress.